Friday, January 30, 2015

Wednesday, January 28, 2015

A-Z of Me

I seen another blogger do this (Little Fickle) and I thought I'd give it a try. It's basically what the title says it is, an A-Z guide of me.

A. Ana-a close friend of mine
B. Beach-I love going to the beach, it's one of my favorite places to go.
C. Cussing-I don't cuss and it's a personal decision of mine.
D. Death-I have been to a lot of funerals and my dad died in 2012
E. Ears-are not pierced
F. Fiona-one of my dogs
G. Green Day-one of my favorite bands
H. Horror Movies-my favorite genre of movies, i absolutely love them
I. Iced Coffee-I love iced coffee, well, any type of coffee
J. Jonas Brothers-the first concert I've ever been to was a Jonas Brothers concert in in the summer of 2008.
K. Keeper of journals-I like to write in journals and I currently have 2 finished an a third one almost done
L. Lorena-me, my 19 year-old self
M. Maytee-another good friend of mine
N. 'No' problem-I might have a problem with saying no. I feel bad saying 'no' when people ask for my help.
O. One Direction & Oreo-my other favorite band and Oreo is my other dog
P. Poems-I have written poems since elementary school and one summer I taught a poetry class with a friend of mine at a local community center
Q. Quiet-I am a very quiet person, especially around people I don't really know
R. Rain-my favorite type of weather
S. Santa Ana-where I grew up
T. Twitter-mine is @lxrenamarie
U. Umbrella-I have always hated using umbrellas
V. Violin and Viola-I played them in middle school
W. Writing & Winter-Writing is my passion and Winter is my favorite season
X. X-favorite letter
Y. Yelling-I can stand it when people yell at me, I get very emotional about it
Z. Zoo-life reminds me of a zoo sometimes

Saturday, January 24, 2015

When I'm sad I...

Everyone gets sad and everyone has their own ways of coping with their sadness. I put together  small list of things I like to do when I'm feeling sad. Everyone's list is different and is based on your own likes. Remember, if your feeling of sadness intensifies, or turns into something different or worse, you should talk to someone you trust and let them know what's going on.

  • lay on my bed and listen to my favorite songs and my favorite artists
  • read 
  • go on Tumblr and look at aesthetically pleasing pictures
  • paint, draw or color
  • write, whether it's in my journal, or on my blog, or even if i'm re-writing a dream of mine
  • watch my favorite YouTubers 
  • watch my favorite movies
  • walk around
  • do my nails or hair
  • cut out pictures from magazines and make collages

Let me know in a comment below what you guys like to do when your feeling sad.

Tuesday, January 20, 2015


He looked around his circle of friends as they all gained warmth from the fire as a soft tune filled the air. He was happy with his friends on this lovely evening by the ocean. The waves licked the sand as they took turns reminiscing joyous moments from the previous year.

They remembered the time they went to the rooftop of an abandoned building and camped up there. Together they had watched the sun set and the sun rise. They witnessed an ending and a new beginning.

They remembered their last hike-how they almost got lost, but managed to make it back before the blanket of darkness fell.

As they remembered these moments, they realized they couldn't remember when they all got there. They asked themselves how long they had been there, what day it was and why there wasn't anyone else on the beach. Their pit of fire now was the only light on shore and they couldn't see anything far right, or far left. They could see the ocean, only because the moon was reflecting off of it.

One by one they started remembering. They remembered only bits at first, like the tires screeching, the burning of rubber, being trapped, and then the feeling of intense heat.

It hit them all at the same time, like how that car had hit them.