Monday, December 15, 2014


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Friday, October 17, 2014

good girls are bad girls that haven't been caught

The 5 Seconds of Summer music video came out for their song Good Girls, and I must say, it is something. A very good something. Here is a link to it in case you haven't seen it, or just want to see it again. Their voices are on point. 

Here are some comments on each of the boys that I have:
  • Ashton: First of all, while he is holding the violin, his hand alone can cover about half of it. He is wearing a freaking beret and shorts an he looks amazing it them. Also, Ashton performed the song wearing a bandanna, and we all know he isn't complete without a bandanna.
  • Luke: His line about sweet lemonade and girls was just, wow. Also, SHORTS AND HAIR.
  • Michael: He looked good all throughout the video, don't even lie to yourself and say he didn't.
  • Calum: His cello line was gold, enough said about that. He performed the song with a snap back. A snap back. 

And this video is of them performing (most of) Good Girls on 9/12/14, aka my WWA concert day. Part of the beginning cut off, oops.

Thursday, October 2, 2014

Hello, October!

A day late, but hey, it's finally October! This is my favorite month, and no, it's not only because it's my birthday month. Halloween is my favorite holiday, and all the Halloween decorations are amazing. Plus, it's autumn, and anything autumn is great. I also love all the scary movies and Halloween themed movies as well. Agh. I'm excited.

Midterms are already this month, which is weird because I feel like I just started this semester. Wow. Ok.

One Direction released a song, Steal My Girl, off their new album, Four. It sounds really good. Well, to me at least. I mean, I may be biased because I am a huge fan of theirs. I have also been listening to a lot of 5 Seconds Of Summer lately. Their cover of American Idiot is gold.

As I am writing this, my house feels like an oven. When oh when will the cold weather start. I opened some windows and put the fan on and it's still hot. Ugh.

I have a list of songs I have listened to a lot this past month. It's a weird collection of songs, I know. 

  1. All About That Bass-Meghan Trainor
  2. Daylight-5 Seconds Of Summer
  3. Good Girls-5 Seconds Of Summer
  4. Fireproof-One Direction
  5. Steal My Girl-One Direction
  6. New Soul-Yaem Naim
  7. Nellie The Elephant-Pretty Little Demons


How are you guys doing? What do you guys plan on doing this month?

Saturday, September 27, 2014

School: Studying

Studying is school. School is studying. You need to study in, and for school in order to succeed. People have their different ways of studying and can vary from just plain memorizing to using a whole lot of flash cards. Here are a few ways you can study, and help improve your studying:

  1. Manage your time wisely and study in half hour chunks. Set a certain time each day for studying. If you have an exam coming up, start studying for it once you find out about the exam. That way, you can study a little each day leading up to the exam, and the day before, you can just review what you have studied already and go over anything you missed. When you study for long periods of time, you need to take breaks. You don't want you brain to mentally overheat.
  2. Find your spot for studying, whether its in your room, at the library, at your dinning room table or even outside in your backyard. Make sure you remove any possible distraction, like your phone, iPod, magazines, unnecessary books, ect. This way, you won't have the urge to stop your studying to do something else. Make sure your spot is comfortable, but not too comfortable that you end up falling asleep on the spot. 
  3. Flash Cards for key terms. Flash cards are a method that's been around for a while. Actually writing down the word and definition help as it is, so once you start using flash cards, you will get your study on. Plus, flashcards are at a size that you can easily take anywhere you go, in case you want to get a quick study session in somewhere.
  4. When taking notes, underline or highlight things your teacher repeats, because they will probably be key things to remember for your next exam. When you go over your notes, you will know to make sure you focus more on underlined or highlighted areas. Also, when taking notes from a lecture, don't write everything the teacher says, summarize as much as you can. Make sure you write down any definition your teacher says or writes down themselves.
  5. Read and re-read. Reading an assigned part for a class once, is simply not enough. Read it once when its assigned. Re-read it again and again when studying till you get what the material is saying. Summarize paragraphs and sections as you go along-it's a way of making sure you get what the section is saying. 
  6. Study guides. If your teacher makes one for the class before an exam, use the heck out of it. When you study and get a concept across and you fully understand it, check it off the study guide, so you know to work on other concepts. A study guide is great for reviewing. Once you have studied a good amount of time, go over the study guide to make sure you hit everything you wanted to. 
Here are just a few ways people use for studying. Some things may be effective for you, and some may not. It really depends on yourself, and how you want to do things.


How do you study? What are some techniques that you use? Let me know in a comment below!