Thursday, September 18, 2014

9.12.14 aka one of the best days of my life

WARNING: loads of One Direction talk & pictures

If one year ago, someone told me I would be going to a One Direction concert, I would not have believed them. 

At all.

But guess what, it happened.

I actually managed to save some money for when a pre-sale came up, and I actually bought two tickets. Ok, so I had a majority of the ticket money, my mom and aunt payed off the rest. Anyways, I was excited. I was excited, I was going to their 9/12/14 show at The Rose Bowl in Pasadena. 

My mom came with me to the concert since none of my friends like One Direction. It was one of the best days of my life. I got to see the band that makes me happy, that make my day, every day. My seats were toward the back, but I didn't care, I could still see the stage from where I sat. It was magical. It was amazing. It was fantastic. Hearing their songs live, and actually seeing them sing them was an amazing experience, one I will never forget. 

Oh yeah, when some of the boys arrived to the stadium in separate cars, they passed by right in front of me and my mom (Louis waved, apparently). I just, gah.

Sunday, September 14, 2014

how one direction changed my life

First of all

Some people give a negative view to people who like One Direction, which isn't fair. One Direction have changed so many people's lives, I know it sounds cliche, but it's true. You don't like One Direction? That is totally OK!!!!!! What's not OK is to hate on them for no reason, and to judge their fans for liking them. I have seen and heard so many people put them down just because they are a boy band.

the beginning

It all started in April 2012. I was looking at a magazine when I came across a little section about bands, One Direction, of course, was one of them. The magazine listed their Twitter accounts, so I decided to look them up at home and follow them. When I got home I logged onto the twitter account I had made in 2009 and have not used since. I looked up the boys and followed them, also following other people who followed them. The next thing I did, naturally, was look them up on YouTube. I spent the rest of the day and night looking at videos of them. I was hooked. I watched their videos  from the x-factor, interviews and any other videos I could find of them. I also heard some of their songs on YouTube, deciding to buy their album when I came across it, which I did. I instantly fell for them and their music.


When I went back on Twitter after a few years to follow the boys on it, I also followed some other fans, fans from all over the world. I even followed some update accounts. When I followed One Direction, I also obtained a community of people, there for the same reason as I was. Twitter One Direction fans are like a family, in almost every sense. When something comes on TV, everyone live tweets it-its like we are all watching it together. When people tweet depressing things, others would tweet and talk to the person, just like a friend would to another friend. When something bad would happen to someone, people would tweet positive things to that person. When there were rumors of a fan who tried to commit suicide, everyone would start a hashtag for that person, #prayfor_. There were nights that all people did was tweet their un/popular opinion. There was also nights where people would tweet confessions. There was even a few nights where people tweeted their embarrassing moments. When the boys did follow sprees, a persons whole timeline would light up with spam, trying to get a follow. Sometimes if a person already had a follow from that person, they would help other people who were trying to get a follow. Of course, there are fights that happen, and people usually take a side and help one of the people in the fight, or they stay quiet.

In 2013 when I found out my dad died, I was extremely upset. One day I was laying in bed and I needed to let my feelings out, but I didn't want to do it on Facebook for all of my family and friends to see, so I let my feelings out on Twitter. Within a few minutes a few people had DM'd me, asking me what was wrong. There were people who actually cared, and they actually DM'd me for a few minutes, trying to help me through those intense feelings. One person in particular had actually lost a parent, and that person helped me, a lot.

When songs are leaked from the boys' albums, everyone on Twitter spread those leaks like wildfire, and everyone, and I mean EVERYONE live tweets them. When new music of theirs gets released everyone live tweets it, and people watch it over and over, trying to beat the record for the most views in 24 hours.

The One Direction fan base on Twitter rules.


I WAS LUCKY ENOUGH TO GO TO THE 9/12/14 ROSE BOWL CONCERT OF THEIRS. It was truly one of the best days of my life, I had such a great time. I didn't care that my seats weren't extremely close, because hey, after 2 years, I finally seen them! I seen the people who brought me so much happiness, live in concert! It was such a great/amazing/exciting experience.

All and All

I don't know where I would be without One Direction right now. Cliche, but it's true. They have brought me so much happiness. I don't care that other people I know hate/don't like them, they make me happy, and that's all that matters. 

Saturday, August 23, 2014

my summer through instagram

This is basically a collection of my Instagram photos from June, July and August.


(these are poor quality because I don't have the originals anymore & I actually had to screen shot them on my phone)
from the 5th

from the 26th


taken on the 4th, uploaded on the 5th

from the 26th

from the 29th


from the 4th

from the 5th

also from the 5th

from the 8th

from the 20th

and lastly, a selfie, from the 22nd
How do you guys usually edit your photos?

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

it's about time...

to show you guys my purses and bags

Here are the bags and purses i have hanging on hooks in my room.

I feel like we all need a plain black purse or bag. This one is from Selena Gomez's Dream Out Loud line thing. I think I got it at Walmart, lol. 

I got this one from Avon and I just find it really pretty. It's also spacious.

I honestly don't remember where this one is from. My mom mostly uses this. 

I think this one is from Target.

This is from Target & this is the bag I'm going to use for school.

Another from Target

Another from Avon

Another from (of course) Target. I used this for school last semester and it fit my binder, so that was cool.

If you guys couldn't tell, I'm really into floral bags right now.
I hope you guys have a marvelous day today! 

>Let me know in a comment below when you guys go back to school.<

Sunday, August 17, 2014

stuff from my FINISHED (!!!!!!) journal

Warning: photo heavy

Table of contents because I like to easily find stuff

River Phoenix >